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Our Leaders

We’d like to introduce you to the people who lead our churches. It’s just a list of names for now, but over time we’ll bring you photos and more details about their roles…

Circuit Minister: Rev Louise Monroe

Retired Minister: Rev Samuel Burch

Local Preachers (who often lead worship when Louise is at one of the other churches): Mrs Dorothy Cranston,  Mr Alan Davison & Mrs Daphne McNamee.

CIRCUIT  EXECUTIVE (holds ultimate responsibility for the life and witness of the three churches):
Circuit Steward – Mr Roy Tomlinson
Circuit Secretary – Mrs Dorothy Cranston
Circuit Treasurer – Mrs Helen Turner
Manse Steward – Mr Terry Nelson
Dundrum Society Steward – Mrs Anna Kennedy
Dundrum Representative – Mrs Gwen Patterson
Newcastle Society Steward – Mrs Sadie Ogle
Newcastle Representative – Mr Bill Dundas
Downpatrick Society Steward – Mrs Avril Bell
Downpatrick Representative – Mrs Olga Hynds

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