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Thanks to everyone who came and visited us on St Patrick’s day.  For those of you who took part in the quiz here are the answers.  


1 What is the surname of the man holding the red book?  Archbishop Justin Welby                                               

2“O Jerusalem … How often have I longed to gather your children, as a hen gathers her brood under her wings; but you would not let me.” (Matthew 23: 37)  What breed of hen is this?                      Light Sussex

3 Why is this building called Roch Castle ?  It’s a Norman castle built on a dramatic rock in west Wales – French-roche=rock.

4 On what island is Guantanamo Bay?       Cuba                                                                                     

5 What breed of dog are these?        Cocker spaniels

6 Which country has the longest coastline in Europe?     Norway

7 What legendary king is associated with Tintagel castle in Cornwall?     King Arthur                                

8 This is the bridge over the Quoile near Downpatrick.  What does Quoile (Irish-caol) mean? Narrow’ – where the sea used to rush through before the building of the Quoile barriers

9 In which century was Belfast City Hall built?    The 20thcentury– the photograph was taken in 1903

10 This is High House Methodist Chapel in Weardale.  What English county is it in?  Durham

11 What is the Church’s name for the day after Hallowe’en?       All Saints Day

12 What is the name of the fort on top of this hill overlooking Belfast?       MacArts Fort, on the Cavehill

13 The revocation of what law in 1685 caused thousands of French Protestants to flee all over the world, including to Ireland?               The Edict of Nantes of 1598 gave civil rights to Protestants.  It was revoked in 1685.                                                                                                    

14 These islands gave their name to a district of London which is now a financial centre.  What is it called?  Canary Wharf, where boats bringing bananas from the Canary Islands unloaded.

15 “When you lie down, you will not be afraid; When you lie down, your sleep will be sweet.”  From which book of the Bible does this quotation come?              Proverbs 3:24           

16 Tradition says that St Patrick struck this well from the rock in order to serve his church at Saul.  What is it called?      The Mearne Well                                                                                                

17 This churchyard is on its country’s biggest island.  What island?        Anglesea

18 Among these graves in Halifax, Nova Scotia, is that of James McGrady from Crossgar.  They all commemorate the same early 20thcentury disaster.  What?          The sinking of the Titanic

19 One of the biggest mushroom producing companies in the world (18,000 tons a week) has its headquarters in an Ulster county. Which one?            Monaghan.  You might have seen the gigantic refrigerated Monaghan Mushrooms lorries

20 This is St Patrick’s Church in Patrington, Yorkshire. What is its architectural style called? Gothic, or decorated Gothic

21 This is Aghyaran Methodist Church.  Which Irish county is it in?       Tyrone, in the Derg valley west of  Castlederg

22 These people, buried in Wigtown kirkyard in south-west  Scotland, are commemorated in the name of a church in Belfast.  What?                         The Martyrs Memorial– these are the Covenanting Presbyterian martyrs

23 Why would this Portpatrick inn be called The Downshire Arms?      Portpatrick was the Scottish end of the Donaghadee to Portpatrick ferries, for centuries the main transport link between County Down and Scotland

24 In what decade were the first production models of the Ferguson tractor produced, named after their County Down inventor?            The 1930s

25 This picture of a ruined church was drawn about 1780. Where is it?      Down Cathedral, Downpatrick                       

26 A boy born in County Down on St Patrick’s Day in the year that the first Methodist Church was built in Downpatrick lived in this house in Yorkshire.  Give his Christian name and surname.         Rev Patrick Brontë

27 This statue of Snorri Sturluson (1179-1241) is on his home farm in Iceland.  He wrote about somebody who died in Downpatrick 915 years ago.  Who?              Magnus Barefoot, king of Norway

28 It has been estimated that a campaign led by this Capuchin priest from Tipperary in the middle 1800s led seven million people to do a particular thing.  What?     To abstain from alcoholic drink               

29 This temple in northern India bears symbols of a particular religion.  Which one?  Buddism

30 This is Lauriergracht in Amsterdam.  What does ‘gracht’ mean in English?             Canal


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