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Downpatrick Methodist Church. St Patrick’s Day quiz 2017

Well done to everybody who entered this year’s quiz. The winner was Madeleine McAllister of Downpatrick who scored 25 out of a possible 30.

Here are the answers:

1. What is the town you can faintly see below this tower? Newtownards, below Scrabo Tower.

2. This photo was taken at Dun Aonghasa on Inis Mór in the Aran Islands. What does Inis Mór mean in English? Inis Mór – big island, the biggest of the three Aran islands.

3. This is Dunguaire Castle in County Galway. What province is that in? Connacht.

4. Five of Northern Ireland’s six counties touch Lough Neagh. Which one doesn’t? Fermanagh

5. What is known as a ‘wee grey Fergie’? Harry Ferguson’s revolutionary invention, the Ferguson tractor.

6. This is one of the biggest buildings in the Downpatrick area. What is it called? The Mill at Ballydugan, or Ballydugan Mill.

7. This building used to be a Methodist church. Where? Killough.

8. Timber from Riga used to be imported at the Quoile Quay, Downpatrick. What country is Riga in? Latvia

9. Why is there a sculpture of Holywood film stars John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara in the village of Cong, County Mayo? They starred in the famous film The Quiet Man, filmed on location here in 1952.

10. Who is the lady in white? Mary Robinson, 7th President of Ireland, 1990-1997.

11. This picture was painted in 1835. Can you name the street? Scotch Street, Downpatrick, viewed from the Methodist Church.

12. The island of Lettermullen in County Galway lost 40% of its population between 1841 and 1851. Why? The Great Famine, and subsequent emigration.

13. These three ruined churches are six miles from Downpatrick. Where? Loughinisland.

14. Statues of three saints used to stand high up on Down Cathedral. Name them. Patrick, Brigid and Colmcille (Columba)

15. In 2008 a representative of Donald Trump investigated this place as a possible site for a golf course. What is it called? Mount Panther, between Clough and Dundrum.

16. This monument at Rostrevor commemorates an Irish general whose troops burned the White House in Washington in 1812. What was his surname? Major General Robert ROSS of Rostrevor.

17. George Fox (1624-1691) founded a religious organisation which established this building at Moyallon in County Down. What is the group called? The Society of Friends, or the Quakers.

18. The author of the hymn ‘What a friend we have in Jesus’ died in Canada. Where in County Down is this memorial to him? Banbridge.

19. This is the grave of Bishop William Bedell at Kilmore Cathedral in County Cavan. What is he most remembered for? Otherwise known as Uilliam Beidil (1571-1642) he evangelised in Irish, was responsible for the translation of the Bible into Irish, and died as a martyr of the Reformation.

20. These men are preparing to re-enact the Battle of Razdrto in 1809, between French and Austrian armies. Who was the French emperor at the time? Napoleon Bonaparte.

21. This cathedral is in Great Britain’s smallest city. What is it called? St David’s, burial place of the patron saint of Wales.

22. What is the population of Norway? 1 million, 5 million, 10 million, or 20 million? 5 million.

23. Can you tell which country this gravestone is in by the names? Iceland, the only European country which has not adopted hereditary surnames, … son, … dottir.

24. This is Bharatpur Bird sanctuary. It was created by a maharaja. In which country? India.

25. This ship in a Norwegian fjord is ‘Betelskipet’. What is its purpose? Betelskipet, the Bethel ship, a floating evangelistic mission.

26. These children are living in a protected compound because their family fled from Tibet after their religion was attacked. What religion? Buddism.

27. This is a charnel house in Kobarid, known to Italians as Caporetto. What is kept in a charnel house? Bones. This building contains the bones of over 7000 Italian soldiers killed in the First World War.

28. This is one of the doors of the Roman Catholic cathedral in Ljubljana. What country is it in? Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia.

29. This is a kind of medieval wooden church now only surviving in Norway. What is the architectural term to describe it? A stave church.

30. These men are taking part in a special social gathering of native North Americans. What is the name for such a meeting? A powwow.

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